powder room after

Just in case you missed the before, here ya go. So the goal was to update, lighten and brighten. And keep it fresh and simple. Planking the walls and ceiling…a must. Didn’t really want a toilet shot but just to give you a view of the other side… Don’t worry…shutters are coming. So we won’t be showin ourselves. 😉 I know I sound like a broken […]

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powder room before

It’s no coincidence that our home renovation began in February. You see, any given February here in the Chicago burbs… you can find me in the corner, sucking my thumb and rocking back and forth. It’s cold. And gray. And dreary. And depressing. And it feels like the sun will never shine again. And I go a little bit cuckoo. 🙂 So while my overall goal […]

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master bath renovation

Our master bathroom was the room that got the whole renovation ball rolling. I don’t even want to junk up this post by showing you the before. 😉 Let’s just say it was the Carol Brady of bathrooms…straight from the 70’s, when tan toilets and mullet/shags were all the rage. 😉 My vision for the space was very clean and spa-like with shiny sleek chrome fixtures […]

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laundry room reveal

So I jumped the gun a little a couple of posts ago. Showing you the “mostly finished” laundry room. I was just so dang excited that I couldn’t wait. Well, now it’s all the way done. And I couldn’t love it more. It’s not a huge space but every inch is utilized and it is SO functional for us. Schoolhouse lights are from Barnlight Electric. […]

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cozy master bedroom

Another room we tackled in the renovation was our master bedroom. This home renovation has been such a learning experience. One of the main things I’ve learned is that it’s all about tradeoffs. No home is absolutely perfect (unless you design and build it yourself) so you have to decide what is of the most value to you. In our case, our original master bedroom […]

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airing my dirty laundry (room)

When we bought our farmhouse three years ago, I will admit… I was viewing it through a pair of rose-colored aviators. I mean…there were just SO many things that I loved about it, that I was willing to overlook the many, many less-than-ideal aspects of it. But after living in our house for several years, we took stock of all the spaces that weren’t working for […]

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so long, dark dungeon of doom

What do you get when you cross a snail, a sloth and a tortoise covered in molasses??? A home renovation. 🙂 I’m ready for this thing to be done. Like yesterday. 😉 But…..the light at the end of the tunnel is in my viewfinder. I’m so psyched for it to be finished. What keeps me going is how far its come. Our family room before […]

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going back to Cali…

Back in January our family went to California to watch our Auburn Tigers play in the National Championship. Let’s not talk about the outcome… suffice it to say that many tears were shed. sniff. It was my first time ever in California. And I fell in love. It’s not at all what I imagined. This??? Breathtaking beaches…. And this??? “Rodeo Drive, baby.”  I took full […]

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the floors that Pa Ingalls built

So I’ve joked around on here before about how if you let a marble go on one end of our upstairs, that you wouldn’t find it until Christmas. That is how unlevel our floors are/were. Now I do tend to be a little hyperbolic at times. I mean it just makes the story so much better, right? After all, I was birthed by a world […]

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Don’t miss it

If you live in or around the Northwest suburbs of Chicago… you are not going to want to miss this sale. My friend Carol (Redeemed Vintage) is having one of her quarterly sales events at her beautiful home. I was there yesterday and think that this is the best selection of furniture and accessories that she’s ever had. And her prices are incredible. The dates […]

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