I’m Susan and Maple & Magnolia is my happy place. It’s where all of my creative passions come together and hang out!

Why Maple & Magnolia? Well, I’m a southern girl from Alabama (Magnolia) and when I started this blog in 2010 our family was living in Canada (Maple).

We are a family of vagabonds living in eight states and Ontario, Canada over the past twenty years. Although this blog started as a way for me to share projects with family and friends around the country, it has evolved into so much more. It is where I share my love of writing, photography, decorating, diy projects, furniture restorations, thrifting, antiquing and teaching with anybody who will listen!

My goal for this blog is simple. I want it to teach, inspire, encourage, empower and hopefully entertain readers. The intention is not “hey, look what I’ve done” but rather “hey, if I can do it SO CAN YOU and here’s how!”

Thanks for stopping by, friend.

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