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air travel pet peeves

I’m feeling a little cantankerous today. Channeling Maxine… Today’s subject? Air travel. I’ve flown a lot more this past year than usual. Nothing too exciting…just regular stuff. People watching during air travel is riveting and revealing. A person’s behavior on an airplane is a barometer of their character. You can quote me on that. ūüėČ Me? I’m a typical firstborn, a rule follower. I like […]

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————DISCLAIMER———— Go ahead and get the tune of the Allman Brothers¬†“Lawd, I was born a ramblin’ man….” going in your head. This post is all over the map rambly. We’re fixin to talk about sales and renovations and skirts blowin up and Brady bathrooms and Grey Gardens and gold polka dotted burlap and much-ado-about-nothin-pins and deer. Ya ready? Haven’t been posting much lately… Not much […]

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oh deer

It’s no secret that I love taking pictures of animals. Being a wildlife photographer in some exotic location would be my ultimate dream job. Just slightly above spy and swimsuit model. I kid. Next to Riley, my favorite subjects are the deer that frequent our property. You might remember this one from the spring. It’s one of my favorite photos I’ve ever taken. This little […]

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the chipmunk clause

Like everyone else, Christmas holds so many random memories for me. Anytime I hear Alvin and the Chipmunks, I’m instantly transported back to my first year of teaching. Circa 1991. 25 first graders. Yikes, I know. So it’s the last day before Christmas break… the day of the class Christmas party (back when you could still call them that). I’ve got 25 mutant 6 and […]

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cottage sale

You wanna lose like a bazillion pounds without giving up chocolate chip cookies? Have a garage sale. Some recap photos… Getting set up… This is after the sun came up. Before this I was setting up with a flashlight and the car headlights on! stuff starting to dwindle To eventually about three skimpy tables left. Once 1:00 rolled around, my husband crafted this sign. He […]

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2 year blog-a-versary!

2 year blog-a-versary!

¬†via Two years of blogging! What a blast it’s been. Your kindness and support and friendship mean the world to me. Thank you so¬†very much!

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summer lovin

So I’m sporting my son’s camo crocs tromping through our sun-parched grass with a bag of garbage in each hand (a glamorous image, no?) when these butterflies stopped me in my tracks. a. because I rarely see butterflies in our yard (yellow-jackets, on the other hand, are annoyingly frequent visitors lately). and b. because there were two of them that were um,well attached. Miss nosey-pants […]

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catching up

Call it writer’s block or creative block or a bad case of the summertime lazies but the creative juices just aint-a-flowin lately! That’s just how it goes sometimes. So here’s a rambling recap of our little world lately. 1. June was a blur with graduation, graduation party, all three of my children’s birthdays, and father’s day. whew. 2. On the home front…been doing a little […]

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color me happy

1. It’s Friday. 2. It’s 72 degrees and sunny. 3. I’m outside painting in the sunshine. 4. Riley is cracking me up running around playing with a squeaky toy. 5. Muffin is basking in the sun. 6. That is the extent of her activity. Basking. 7. My honey is on his way home after being out of town all week. 8. My kids all have […]

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the beauty that lies between

Yesterday was our first nice day in a while. To celebrate, Riley and I took a leisurely stroll down the road. This is a road that I drive down¬†multiple times a day.¬†Point A<——-to——–> Point B.¬†Crossing items off of the to-do list as I go. Yesterday I took the time to enjoy the beauty that lies between points a and b. It’s amazing all the things […]

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