the funk of forty thousand years…

Remember that classic part of Michael Jackson’s Thriller (aka my 9th grade jam) by Vincent Price: “The foulest stench is in the air the funk of forty thousand years.” I’ve always thought that must be some serious stink. But as of this week… I’ve smelled it. Upstairs in our house. Demo stinks. Literally.

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stick a fork in it…

It’s done. Well, pretty much. There are a few tiny things switch plates, touch-ups, patching, etc. but for the most part the cottage reno is done. Here is a super-old, right-after-we-moved-in photo of the room facing the kitchen of shame. Those doors were hiding the U-G-L-Y. I know. This is the disgustingness that was here when we moved in and I did my best to […]

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So yesterday, the tv was installed in the cottage at the “optimal viewing height.” With 9 foot ceilings, it left the top of the wall a little too bare for my taste. Kind of like putting on a cute outfit but forgetting your earrings. Obviously, nothing is styled. And cords showing is the decorating equivalent of walking around with your skirt stuck in the back […]

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floors, frozen doors, and love…

I know, I know… snoozefest. But they are so pretty! The floors are finished and stained now but it was too dark to take photos last night. And this morning, they were back to finish some other work and covered the floors with paper before I could snap a pic. Don’t they know that their speediness is prohibiting some riveting play-by-play documentation? And in other […]

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snowy saturday & flooring progress

It’s snowy here today. The good kind. I’m sitting in my office typing this and watching the floatiest giant flakes coming down. It feels like being inside of a snow globe. Riley and I played in the snow a little bit. She digs down and tunnels with her nose… Then licks it off…so funny. Then I throw snowballs that instantly disintegrate and she spends forever […]

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houston, we have a sub-floor

Let me just start out by saying I’m well aware that 99.995% of you could not give 2 HOOTS about the day-to-day progress of this remodel. I get it. But this blog is where I document everything house related. Truth is, we have never lived in one place or one house long enough to even CONSIDER remodeling. So this will probably be it (thank goodness) […]

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when yo flo is a no go

Today I found out the third rule of home renovations. Expect the unexpected.¬† We were allllll set to have the cottage floors refinished… but once the flooring guy took a closer look, it was a no go. Apparently when the hardwood floors were originally installed, they just kind of attached the wood to the concrete without any subfloor. So the floors were “springy.” Honestly, I […]

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just call me heidi

I could easily become the Heidi Montag¬†of home renovating. Initially the only change we were making to the cottage was the kitchen. But the more you change…the more you want to change. You see what a difference a little nip and tuck can make and then you go a little nuts. Once the kitchen started to look all shiny and new…we moved on to the […]

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birthday princess

Once again inspiration struck in the aisles of Target. $6 worth of jewels, fairy wings and a crown later… and Riley was transformed into a beautiful birthday princess…. The “Little Miss Birthday” t-shirt is Hannah’s from 3rd grade. Buying t-shirts for my dog is where I draw the line. Here’s a peek at Riley’s birthday photo from last year. Now if you’ll excuse me…someone is […]

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memory lane

So my pal Riley is turning 4 on Friday. I recently found an old memory card with some photos of the day we brought her home. We picked her out weeks before…and then went back to the farm to pick her up. We lived in Ontario at the time and if you live in or around the GTA…and you are in the market for the […]

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